Resources  A Philadelphia institution…great basic food and kitchen tools   If you’re like me, you sometimes covet restaurant dishes.  I’ve been known to shop in restaurant supply stores, but here’s an online resources for some great kitchenware and tchotchkes.  (Love those ceramic hands!)   Penzeys spices is a cooks dream.  Make sure you request the catalog which features some fun recipes.  []  If you don’t have a local ethnic market, don’t be limited by the shelves in your local supermarket.  The Ethnic Grocer features all kinds of exotic ingredients.  For the baker.  What Penzeys is to spices, King Arthur is to baking.  The name says it all.  Looking for a tangine or  mediterranean and middle eastern spices?  Search no further! Coming to you from Texas, authentic German food finds.  America’s largest online Indian grocer.  Amish and other old-fashioned cookware and more.  A gude to dim sum for the uninitiated.


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